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Mount Eerie [KLP140]

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Mount Eerie is a concept album that takes it up a notch, the self searching for identity within a universal context. Divided into five parts, it is named after Mt. Erie, a peak that dominates Fidalgo Island where The Microphones' Phil Elvrum grew up. This drama tells the tale of one person striking out into the wilderness to unearth the face beneath the disguise, and the being beneath the face. "Epic" is too shallow a word to describe the boundless beauty and vision that comprises this superlative work.

The story from Mount Eerie:

I. The Sun: In which the story begins, where you are born and run away from death up the mountain in fear and are watched by a ball of fire.

II. Solar System: In which, in a valley on the way up, the day is ending while you reminisce about a girl gracefully juggling (you as) a planet.

III. Universe: In which, coming out of the canyon in the dusk, you realize your ball of fire friend has set and doubt creeps in. A big beautiful dark backdrop above asks you intimate questions and sings.

IV. Mt. Eerie In which, on a precipice, you watch your killer roll up and kill you. Vultures eat your body and fly off, leaving the peak empty and windy again.

V. In which, invisible, you realize there's a mountain above the one you just walked up. Also, the "Universe" painting you'd gazed at before turns out to be a lot bigger than you thought, and 3-D.

Joining Phil Elvrum in the performing and producing of Mt. Eerie are Jenn Kliese, Kyle Field (Little Wings), Calvin Johnson, Khaela Maricich (the Blow), Mirah, Anna Oxygen, Karl Blau and Adam Forkner (Yume Bitsu/White Rainbow).

Phil Elvrum has prepared special remix editions of the music from Mount Eerie, one of the rhythm tracks, one an a cappella version. These will be released at the same time as the official album as limited edition CD and 10" record formats, Singing from Mt. Eerie (KLP141), Drums from Mt. Eerie (KLP142).