The Blow is an electronic pop duo comprised of Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne. Maricich and Dyne write, compose, produce and perform all the music. In live performances, the two bandmates work from opposite ends of the room, hugging the audience in between them, with Khaela on the main stage and Melissa on a separate stage at the back of the room. Onlookers stand in the direct path between the performers, encircled and perforated by the call and response of soundwaves, lightbeams and invisible communications between Maricich and Dyne. Together they produced a new album, titled The Blow, released on October 1, 2013. They live in Brooklyn, NY.

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From The Blow’s full length album, Poor Aim: Love Songs and Remixes [KLP167], a collection of songs had to be slick enough to make it on the radio, and smart enough to make both of the collaborators proud.

No-wave and glitchhop, club anthems and doo-wop, all party together in the architecture created by The Blow’s full-length album, Paper Television [KLP178]

Photo by Chas Bowens

Photo by Ingeborg Aarsand

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