fish narc

fish narc (aka Ben Friars-Funkhouser, a Northwest native), first really got down when his band broke up in 2013. After learning music software, he joined alt-rap collective Gothboiclique and bent everything to integrate radical guitar playing and rocker songwriting into beat making and production. As a pioneer of the emo rap genre, fish narc has produced songs for JuiceWRLD, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, and Lil Peep (including his final project Goth Angel Sinner).

Since 2019, fish narc has returned to writing and touring his own graphemic songs, influenced by rap, punk and underground sounds. He released the albums WiLDFiRE in 2020 (see above photog), Camouflage in 2022 and fruiting body [KLP295], which dropped in June 2023. Catch fish narc & band on tour with Lil Tracy and Hi-c in September and October, 2023.

Listen to fish narc, fruiting body [KLP295].