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Welcome to the K Discography database! Our releases are sorted into three different sections, which correspond to different catalog numbers.

You are currently viewing releases in our KLP catalog. KLPs are full-length (aka "long-playing") albums. This includes both phonograph records and compact discs. Click on any album title to view it in our shop and learn more about it! Many albums are available for purchase or can be downloaded digitally from the K Bandcamp page.

7-inch singles are separated into two distinct groups: The International Pop Underground (IPUs) and Dub Narcotic Disco Plates (DBNs).

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K Albums

KLP001 Beat Happening Beat Happening 1985
KLP002 Beat Happening Jamboree 1988
KLP003 Beat Happening Dreamy 1991
KLP004 Mecca Normal Calico Kills The Cat 1988
KLP005 Pounding Serfs Pounding Serfs 1989
KLP006 Beat Happening Black Candy 1989
KLP007 Beat Happening You Turn Me On 1992
KLP008 Mecca Normal Water Cuts 1990
KLP009 Thee Headcoats Cavern By The Sea 1991
KLP010 Some Velvet Sidewalk Avalanche 1992
KLP011 IPU Convention Compilation 1992
KLP012 Snuff Reach 1992
KLP013 Heavenly Le Jardin de Heavenly 1993
KLP014 Mecca Normal Dovetail 1992
KLP015 Lois Butterfly Kiss 1992
KLP016 International Hip Swing Compilation 1993
KLP017 Tiger Trap Tiger Trap 1993
KLP018 Mecca Normal Jarred Up 1993
KLP019 Some Velvet Sidewalk I Scream E.P. 1993
KLP020 Steve Fisk Over And Through The Night 1995
KLP021 Lois Strumpet 1993
KLP022 Mecca Normal Flood Plain 1993
KLP023 Tiger Trap Sour Grass 1993
KLP024 Some Velvet Sidewalk Whirlpool 1993
KLP025 Heavenly P.U.N.K. Girl 1995
KLP026 Fifth Column 36C 1994
KLP027 KARP Mustaches Wild 1994
KLP028 Beck One Foot In The Grave 1994
KLP029 Halo Benders, The God Don't Make No Junk 1994
KLP030 Lync These Are Not Fall Colors 1994
KLP031 Fitz Of Depression Let's Give It A Twist 1994
KLP032 Some Velvet Sidewalk Shipwreck 1994
KLP033 Heavenly The Decline And Fall Of Heavenly 1994
KLP034 Kicking Giant Alien I.D. 1994
KLP035 Dead Presidents, The Spread Butter / (Into) Somethin' Else 1995
KLP036 Lois Bet The Sky 1995
KLP037 Lois Shy Town 1995
KLP038 Mecca Normal The First LP 1995
KLP039 Dub Narcotic Sound System Industrial Breakdown 1995
KLP040 Dub Narcotic Sound System Boot Party 1995
KLP041 Fitz Of Depression Swing 1995
KLP042 Crabs, The Jackpot 1996
KLP043 Softies, The It's Love 1996
KLP044 Talulah Gosh Backwash 1995
KLP045 Dub Narcotic Sound System Rhythm Record Volume One 1995
KLP046 Halo Benders, The Don't Tell Me Now 1996
KLP047 Black Anger Feel What I Feel / No Commercial 12" 1996
KLP048 KARP Suplex 1995
KLP049 Sandy Dirt Sandy Dirt 1995
KLP050 Dub Narcotic Sound System Ridin' Shotgun 1996
KLP051 Love As Laughter The Greks Bring Gifts 1996
KLP052 Built To Spill The Normal Years 1996
KLP053 Wandering Lucy Leap Year 1996
KLP054 Glo-Worm Glimmer 1996
KLP055 Project: Echo Compilation 1996
KLP056 Crabs, The Brainwashed 1996
KLP057 Lois Snapshot Radio 1996
KLP058 Lois Infinity Plus 1996
KLP059 Heavenly Operation Heavenly 1996
KLP060 Dub Narcotic Sound System Featuring Lois Ship to Shore 1996
KLP061 Softies, The Winter Pageant 1996
KLP062 Some Velvet Sidewalk Generate! 1997
KLP063 Modest Mouse The Fruit That Ate Itself 1997
KLP064 Make-Up Sound Verite 1997
KLP065 Satisfact Satisfact 1997
KLP066 Cha Cha Cha Cabaret - Chez Vous Compilation 1997
KLP067 KARP Self-Titled LP 1997
KLP068 Dub Narcotic Sound System Bone Dry 1997
KLP069 Treepeople Guilt, Regret, Embarrassment 1997
KLP070 Mocket Fanfare 1997
KLP071 Black Anger 206 Mix Tapes (Worldwide) LP 1997
KLP071 Black Anger Maxed Out Singles CD Compliation 1997
KLP072 D+ D+ 1997
KLP073 Lync Remembering The Fireballs (Part 8) 1997
KLP074 Crabs, The What Were Flames Now Smolder 1997
KLP076 Love As Laughter #1 USA 1998
KLP077 Some Velvet Sidewalk / Heavy Friends The Lowdown 1997
KLP078 Classic Elements Compilation LP 1997
KLP079 Classic Elements Compilation CD/Cassette 1998
KLP080 Gaze Mitsumeru 1998
KLP081 Halo Benders, The The Rebels Not In 1998
KLP082 Selector Dub Narcotic Compilation 1998
KLP083 Dub Narcotic Sound System Out Of Your Mind 1998
KLP084 D+ Dandelion Seeds 1998
KLP085 IQU Chotto Matte A Moment! 1998
KLP086 Cadallaca Introducing Cadallaca 1998
KLP087 Gaze Shake The Pounce 1999
KLP088 Satisfact The Third Meeting At The Third Counter 1998
KLP089 Take One Emergency Breaks 1999
KLP090 Silent Lambs Project Comrade 12" 1998
KLP091 Bedroom Produksionz S.E.L.F. / I Know Ways 12" 1998
KLP092 Make-Up I Want Some 1999
KLP093 Enemymine Enemymine 1999
KLP094 IQU with Miranda July Girls On Dates 1999
KLP095 Crabs, The Sand And Sea 1999
KLP096 Sarah Dougher Day One 1999
KLP097 Old Time Relijun Uterus And Fire 1999
KLP098 Jason Traeger My Religion Is Love 1999
KLP099 Microphones, The Don't Wake Me Up 1999
KLP100 Marine Research Sounds From The Gulf Stream 1999
KLP101 Sub Debs She's So Control 1999
KLP102 Tilson Action / Kisses 12" 1999
KLP103 Dub Narcotic Sound System Meets The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Sideways Soul 1999
KLP104 Marine Research Parallel Horizontal 1999
KLP105 Make-Up Save Yourself 1999
KLP106 Internal/External Featuring... 2000
KLP107 Wolf Colonel Vikings Of Mint 2000
KLP108 IQU Teenage Dream 2000
KLP109 Beat Happening Music To Climb The Apple Tree By 2003
KLP110 Old Time Relijun La Sirena De Pecera 2000
KLP111 Shinin', The Director's Cut E.P. 2000
KLP112 Mirah You Think It's Like This But It's Really Like This 2000
KLP113 Gene Defcon Come Party With Me 2000 2000
KLP114 Wolf Colonel The Castle 2000
KLP115 Beat Happening Crashing Through Box Set 2002
KLP116 Microphones, The It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Water 2000
KLP117 Calvin Johnson What Was Me 2002
KLP118 C.O.C.O. C.O.C.O. 2000
KLP119 Softies, The Holiday In Rhode Island 2000
KLP120 Chicks On Speed The Re-Releases Of The Un-Releases 2000
KLP121 Yume Bitsu Auspicious Winds 2000
KLP122 Bedroom Produksionz Non-Fiction / Temple No. 8 12" 2000
KLP123 Internal/External Inside Out E.P. 2000
KLP124 Chicks On Speed Euro Trash Girl 12" 2001
KLP125 Microphones, The Song Islands 2002
KLP126 Tender Trap Film Molecules 2002
KLP127 Rondelles, The Shined Nickles And Loose Change 2001
KLP128 Old Time Relijun Witchcraft Rebellion 2001
KLP129 Heavenly Heavenly Vs. Satan 2001
KLP130 All Girl Summer Fun Band All Girl Summer Fun Band 2001
KLP131 Modest Mouse Sad Sappy Sucker 2001
KLP132 Jason Anderson / Wolf Colonel Something / Everything! 2002
KLP133 Microphones, The "The Glow" Pt. 2 2001
KLP134 Little Wings Wonderue 2002
KLP135 Mirah Advisory Committee 2002
KLP136 Dennis Driscoll Voices In The Fog 2002
KLP137 Yume Bitsu The Golden Vessyl Of Sound 2002
KLP138 C.O.C.O. The C.O.C.O. Sound 2002
KLP139 Little Wings Light Green Leaves 2002
KLP140 Microphones, The Mount Eerie 2003
KLP141 Microphones, The The Singing From "Mt. Eerie" E.P. 2003
KLP142 Microphones, The The Drums From "Mt. Eerie" E.P. 2003
KLP143 Blow, The Bonus Album 2002
KLP144 All Girl Summer Fun Band 2 2003
KLP145 [[[[VVRSSNN]]]] [[[[VVRSSNN]]]] 2003
KLP146 Landing Passages Through 2003
KLP147 Dub Narcotic Sound System Handclappin' 2003
KLP148 Jason Anderson New England 2004
KLP149 Arrington de Dionyso & Old Time Relijun Varieties of Religious Experience 2003
KLP150 Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn, Ginger Brookes Takahashi And Our Friends Songs From The Black Mountain Music Project 2003
KLP151 Invisible Shield Compilation 2003
KLP152 Little Wings Harvest Joy 2003
KLP153 Blow, The The Concussive Caress, Or, Casey Caught Her Mom Singing Along With The Vacuum 2004
KLP154 Little Wings Discover Worlds Of Wonder 2000
KLP155 Dub Narcotic Sound System Blow Flow 12" 2004
KLP156 Dub Narcotic Sound System You Fuck Me Up 12" 2004
KLP157 Dub Narcotic Sound System Degenerate Introduction 2004
KLP158 Microphones, The Live In Japan 2003
KLP159 Old Time Relijun Lost Light 2003
KLP160 Mirah C'mon Miracle 2004
KLP161 Little Wings Magic Wand 2004
KLP162 Landing Sphere 2004
KLP163 Beakers, The Four Steps Toward A Cultural Revolution 2004
KLP164 Blackouts, The History In Reverse 2004
KLP165 Kimya Dawson Hidden Vagenda 2004
KLP166 Jason Anderson The Wreath 2005
KLP167 Blow, The Poor Aim: Love Songs 2004
KLP168 Blow, The Everyday Examples Of Humans Facing Straight Into The Blow 2005
KLP169 Little Wings Grow 2005
KLP170 Calvin Johnson Before The Dream Faded 2005
KLP171 Old Time Relijun 2012 2005
KLP172 Woelv Tout Seul Dans La Forêt En Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur? 2006
KLP173 Tender Forever The Soft And The Hardcore 2005
KLP174 Karl Blau Beneath Waves 2006
KLP175 Kimya Dawson Remember That I Love You 2006
KLP176 Arrington de Dionyso Breath Of Fire 2006
KLP177 Mirah Joyride: Remixes 2006
KLP178 Blow, The Paper Television 2006
KLP179 Maher Shalal Hash Baz L'Autre Cap 2006
KLP180 Calvin Johnson & The Sons Of The Soil Calvin Johnson & The Sons Of The Soil 2007
KLP181 Mirah And The Spectratone International Share This Place 2007
KLP182 Saturday Looks Good To Me Fill Up The Room 2007
KLP183 C.O.C.O. Play Drums + Bass 2007
KLP184 Old Time Relijun Catharsis In Crisis 2007
KLP185 Adrian Orange & Her Band Adrian Orange & Her Band 2007
KLP186 Pine Hill Haints, The Ghost Dance 2007
KLP187 Jeremy Jay A Place Where We Could Go 2008
KLP188 Tender Forever Wider 2008
KLP189 Jason Anderson The Hopeful And The Unafraid 2008
KLP190 Microphones, The "The Glow" Pt. 2 2008
KLP191 Mahjongg Kontpab 2008
KLP192 Karl Blau Nature's Got Away 2008
KLP193 Kimya Dawson And Friends Alphabutt 2008
KLP194 Wallpaper On The Chewing Gum Ground 2008
KLP195 Mirah (a)spera 2009
KLP196 LAKE Oh, The Places We'll Go 2008
KLP197 Jeremy Jay Slow Dance 2009
KLP198 Desolation Wilderness White Light Strobing 2008
KLP199 Selector Dub Narcotic This Party Is Just Getting Started 2016
KLP200 Arrington de Dionyso I See Beyond The Black Sun 2008
KLP201 Britta Johnson Share This Place: Stories And Observations DVD 2008
KLP202 Jeremy Jay Love Everlasting 12" 2008
KLP203 Chain & The Gang Down With Liberty... Up With Chains! 2009
KLP204 Desolation Wilderness New Universe 2009
KLP205 Karl Blau Zebra 2009
KLP206 Curious Mystery, The Rotting Slowly 2009
KLP207 Tara Jane ONeil A Ways Away 2009
KLP208 Pine Hill Haints, The To Win Or To Lose 2009
KLP209 Hornet Leg Ribbon Of Fear 2009
KLP210 Maher Shalal Hash Baz C'est La Dernière Chanson 2009
KLP211 Rose Melberg Homemade Ship 2009
KLP212 Jeremy Jay Dream Diary 2011
KLP213 LAKE Let's Build A Roof 2009
KLP214 Bundles, The The Bundles 2010
KLP215 Arrington de Dionyso Malaikat Dan Singa 2009
KLP216 Angelo Spencer et Les Hauts Sommets Angelo Spencer et Les Hauts Sommets 2010
KLP217 Tender Forever No Snare 2010
KLP218 Jeremy Jay Splash 2010
KLP219 Mahjongg The Long Shadow Of The Paper Tiger 2010
KLP220 Chain & The Gang Music's Not For Everyone 2011
KLP221 Electric Sunset Electric Sunset 2010
KLP222 Mirah Gone Are All The Days Remixes 12" 2010
KLP223 Hive Dwellers, The Get In 2010
KLP224 Kendl Winter Apple Core 2011
KLP225 Curious Mystery, The We Creeling 2011
KLP226 Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa Suara Naga 2011
KLP227 Karl Blau Max 12" 2011
KLP228 LAKE Giving & Receiving 2011
KLP229 Girl Trouble Hit It Or Quit It 2013
KLP230 Epryhyme Dopestylevsky 2011
KLP231 City Center Redeemer 2011
KLP232 Joey Casio Daybreak 2011
KLP233 Nucular Aminals Nucular Aminals 2011
KLP234 Kazumi Nikaido and Tara Jane ONeil Kazumi Nikaido and Tara Jane ONeil 2011
KLP235 Angelo Spencer et Les Hauts Sommets World Garage 2011
KLP236 Pine Hill Haints, The Welcome To The Midnight Opry 2011
KLP237 Tender Forever Where Are We From 2012
KLP238 Kendl Winter The Mechanics Of Hovering Flight 2012
KLP239 Ruby Fray Pith 2013
KLP240 Chain & The Gang In Cool Blood 2012
KLP241 Hive Dwellers, The Hewn From The Wilderness 2012
KLP242 Neo Boys Sooner Or Later Compilation 2013
KLP243 Shivas, The Whiteout 2013
KLP244 Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa Open The Crown 2013
KLP245 Ashley Eriksson Colours 2013
KLP246 LAKE The World Is Real 2013
KLP247 Jeremy Jay Abandoned Apartments 2014
KLP248 Kendl Winter And The Summer Gold It Can Be Done! 2013
KLP249 Hive Dwellers, The Moanin' 2014
KLP251 Ruby Fray Grackle 2014
KLP252 Shivas, The You Know What To Do 2014
KLP253 Mirah Changing Light 2014
KLP254 Pine Hill Haints, The The Magik Sounds of The Pine Hill Haints 2014
KLP255 Various Artists All Your Friend's Friends 2014
KLP256 Angelo Spencer Love in the Morning 2015
KLP257 Gyasi Ross Isskootsik 2015
KLP258 The Shivas Better off Dead 2016
KLP259 TransFX Into the Blu 2015
KLP260 The Ghost Ease RAW 2015
KLP261 Silas Blak Editorials (wartunes) 2015
KLP262 Aries Adieu Or Die 2016
KLP263 CC Dust CC Dust 2016
KLP264 Young Pioneers High Again 2017
KLP265 The Moving Pictures EMDR PTS 1, 2 + 3 2016
KLP267 Mirah Sundial EP 2017