Ruby Fray

Olympia, Washington singer and song crafter Emily Beanblossom took on the name Ruby Fray in 2011 as a moniker for her solo work apart from her other collaborative endeavors.

Beanblossom was active in the Olympia scene in bands like Legs the Crab, Karczol, and others, but was best known as the frontwoman for the raucous noise rock band Christmas.

Following an extensive U.S. tour with Christmas, the singer retreated for a time to her family farm and began work on the darker, more organic sounds that would become Ruby Fray. Between gigs with Christmas and her fledgling business as a soap maker, she began performing stripped-down solo shows with these new songs.

In 2012, Beanblossom relocated from Olympia to Austin, Texas, where she began performing Ruby Fray shows more frequently. In the spring of 2012, Ruby Fray's debut LP, Pith, was released on K Records. Pith found Beanblossom's goth-charged indie songs augmented by a cast of players from the K Records and Olympia community, including members of LAKEAngelo SpencerCalvin Johnson, and some of Beanblossom's bandmates from Christmas.

After moving to Austin, Beanblossom recorded her second Ruby Fray album with members of These Are Words, Ghetto Ghouls, Legs the Crab, Hotegia, and Clayface. Inspired by the wildlife of her new hometown, Grackle arrived in September 2014. 


During her time in Austin, Beanblossom began experimenting with making music videos, and took interest in creating cinematic soundscapes for film. She created two music videos for songs off her sophomore album "Grackle" and is collaborating with Austin musician Dwight Smith to create music videos for his project.  She also created a music video for the song "Moon" she co-wrote with Japanese artist Anri Sato while they were finishing their Yoga Teacher Certification in Hawaii in 2016.  She relocated to Chicago in the summer of 2017 to continue her career as a touring and recording artist.


Ruby Fray released two albums on K, Pith (KLP239) and Grackle (KLP251).