Adam Forkner is a musician and producer who lives in Portland, Oregon and currently performs as White Rainbow. He was a founding member of the space rock group Yume Bitsu, which released seven albums between 1998 and 2003. His first solo project was called [[VVRSSNN]] (pronounced “Version”). Previous to the first [[VVRSSNN]] release [KLP145], Forkner had recorded and engineered albums for all sorts of bands at Dub Narcotic Studio, including Little Wings, Kinski, Calvin Johnson, Jason Anderson and Wolf Colonel. For [[VVRSSNN]], Forkner used guitar, sequencers, beats, glitches and vocal loops. Autumnal in all the right ways. He changed directions with his solo project in 2005, using White Rainbow as his moniker for future releases. Forkner is currently the in-house engineer for Marriage Records in Portland and White Rainbow has released five proper albums, most currently with Kranky Records.


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White Rainbow stopped in the studio on a trip from Seattle one day and totally improvised the tracks for White Rainbow’s Dub Narcotic Disco Plate The Making of Thriller [DBN125]. Then he packed up his pedals and was on his way, like a cowboy thief riding off into the stardust.

Photo by Adam Forkner

Photo by Adam Forkner

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