Little Wings was formed in San Luis Obisbo, CA, and the music of Little Wings carries the landscape of its place of origin like clouds carry water vapor, to release it in a myriad of forms over a changing landscape. Little wings is a project that revolves around frontman and songwriter Kyle Field, sometimes with drummer Adam Selzer, keyboardist Rob Kieswetter (aka Bobby Birdman), bassist Mark Leece, and others. His debut album, Discover Worlds of Wonder , was released in 1999 by Walking Records. It has been called “a dreamy, balladic tribute to the surreal aspects of the contemporary Californian landscape.” Little Wings followed up this first release with The Wonder City and Wonderue  to complete their Wonder Trilogy, consisting of three albums released on K and Knw-Yr-Own Records. In 2003, Little Wings released Harvest Joy, followed by Magic Wand  in 2004 and Grow ( in 2005. He released Soft Pow’r in 2007. Kyle Field has played with the likes of Grandaddy, Lee Baggett, and Devendra Banhart, and is also a talented visual artist. A book of his drawings was published by the label Ahornfelder.

Kyle currently lives in California, where he pursues his art, good surf, and music making.


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