Talulah Gosh

Was It just a Dream? (Damaged Goods) DBL LP

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Talulah Gosh were the original crash pop provocateurs in 1986, a banner year for distorted guitar-snap pop. Originally released on the Scottish 53rd & 3rd Record label run by Stephen Pastel and David from the Shop Assistants, Talulah Gosh joined a roster that included Vaselines, Beat Happening, Chin Chin and Boy Hairdressers - - not too shabby a set of peers. This DOUBLE LP goes on beyond gathering together their many 45rpm phonograph records, this includes recordings from fanzine flexi-discs and BBC sessions to collect an amazing sound card - - - turn it up!

Members of Talulah Gosh went on to form Heavenly, Tufthunter, Bugbear, Marine Research, Tender Trap, Catenary Wires, and on and on.

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