Marine Research

Sounds From the Gulf Stream [KLP100]

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Rising from the tragic demise of Heavenly, Marine Research are a revelation in pop music, swinging with rich, aquatic clarity. Sounds from the Gulf Stream is a much more languid approach than anything previously attempted by Amelia and co., warmly oscillating between Ursella Andress in Dr. No and Carroll Baker in Baby Doll. Diving bell deep to coral sands, breathtakingly lush reef to seashore with pail in hand.

Amelia Fletcher, Rob Pursey and DJ Downfall went on from Marine Research to form Tender Trap.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp

  1. Parallel Horizon
  2. You and a Girl
  3. Hopefulness to Hopelessness
  4. Queen B
  5. Chucking Out Time
  6. Glamour Gap
  7. At the Lost & Found
  8. Venn Diagram
  9. End of the Affair
  10. Y.Y.U.B.