Let's Build a Roof [KLP213]

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LAKE's 2009 album Let's Build A Roof [KLP213], produced by Northwest legend Karl Blau at Olympia's Dub Narcotic Studio, is sweet, funky and nostalgic – a paragon of psychedelic pop. Their previous album, Oh, the Places We'll Go [KLP196], contained lighter, more upbeat numbers, but its theme of wonder and idealism foreshadowed the next album to come.

Originally, the landmark Let's Build A Roof [KLP213] had overlooked sonic anomalies now corrected by REMASTERING, creating a whole new Let’s Build a Roof.

Let's Build A Roof is LAKEs most popular album with many fan favorites, though every track is unique. After extensive touring in 2009, LAKE entered Dub Narcotic Studio (Olympia, Wash.) to record fresh with their live energy. In the studio they were able to fill out their jingly pop aesthetic, enhanced with the vintage sounds of instruments available at Dub Narcotic and the local community. Blazing synth solos, timpani, flutes, saxophones, cello, and marimba, are just some of the featured sounds on Let’s Build a Roof.

Let's Build a Roof is like a travelogue of the places they went, the stories they encountered on the way, and the memories that were unearthed from those experiences, be they good or bad. Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson's radiating songwriting chemistry serves as the foundation of Let's Build a Roof. Their retro-jingly pop aesthetic is further fleshed out with thicker instrumentation (featuring a rotating cast of synths, keys, guitar, flutes and assorted percussion instruments) and tempo shifts that fracture into kaleidoscopic sounds and harmonies.

Some of the album’s most requested tracks are "Madagascar," a dubby, slow-groove track; "Christmas Island" a surfy Phil Spector-sounding song that ended up becoming famous from the song's use in the show Adventure Time, and “Don’t Give Up”, an upbeat motivating dance song with Blau performing the hook on harmonized saxophones. "Roof Caves In" is spooky and meditative with quivering strings and plucked cellos and "Sing 99 & 99" is a full-on minor Blue Öyster Cult rocker based on found folk lyrics that’ll scare the living devils out of you. “Gravel” is the first single and has that Running Up That Hill/ Can’t Run But driving intensity that we can all relate to so deeply–trying to keep up.


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  1. Breathing
  2. Gravel
  3. Madagascar
  4. Sing 99 & 90
  5. Acorn
  6. The Roof Caves In
  7. Loose Wind
  8. Winking Sign
  9. Remote Control Cards
  10. Don't Give Up
  11. Christmas Island
  12. Collapsing Homes