Oh, The Places We'll Go [KLP196]

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“Oh, the places we'll go! Oh, we don't actually know!" The title track lyrics, with a nod to Dr. Seuss, have a wide-eyed, wondrous feeling, (with a hint of agnosticism) which finds itself popping up throughout the record.

On their first K release, LAKE crafts up-beat, dance-able, psychedelic, uniquely sincere and unaffected pop songs, ranging from the jubilant, echoy, post-soul groove of Heaven to the sweet, polyrhythmic Green Arrows-inspired Bad Dream. Recorded at home, largely on cassette 8-track, this album, actually LAKE's third, has a slightly lo-fi, homemade feel as well (because it is home-made), showing evidence of their influence from prolific artists Karl Blau and R. Stevie Moore. Oh, the Places We'll Go represents a new direction for LAKE – more synthesizers, more up-beat, rhythmically-based songwriting – but it is also in keeping with their aesthetic, with contributing horn players and percussionists, male and female singers, group harmonies, sweet melodies and homespun production.

LAKE's core membership is Ashley Eriksson, Eli Moore, Lindsay Schief, Andrew Dorsett, and Markly Morrison, a group of long-time friends based in Olympia, WA. The members of the band came from Washington, the Los Angeles area, and the Midwest but soon found themselves drawn together in the inspiring forests of the Pacific Northwest, and thus LAKE was born. Each is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in their own right, and contributing melodies and complementing one another's strong points has become the process for LAKE's intimately nurtured songwriting.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp.

  1. Oh, The Places We'll Go
  2. Blue Ocean Blue
  3. Counting
  4. Bad Dream
  5. Minor Trip
  6. Dead Beat
  7. Heaven
  8. On the Swing
  9. Oh, The Places Two