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Voices in the Fog [KLP136]

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They call him the Man in Brown. Dennis Driscoll is not your average singer/songwriter who plays guitar in that his songs emphasize the pop bursts of classic AM radio, where nothing exceeds three minutes and everything is said with a heart beat. This new album, Voices in the Fog, was recorded by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio, covering a wide variety of Dennis' songs and styles from rockin' to lovelorn to whimsical. Dennis plays host to a wide variety of Olympia players, including duets with Mirah on Telepathic Birdcalls, Khaela Maricich (the Blow) on "I'm in Love with a Ghost" and Katy Davidson on a cover of her own Dear Nora song Second Hand. Dennis also recruited Heather Dunn (Dub Narcotic Sound System) and Chris Sutton (Hornet Leg, C.O.C.O.Dub Narcotic Sound System) to back him on some of the more tumultuous numbers, and DJ KO of IQU to add a touch of theremin to Moon Patrol.

Dennis Driscoll grew up in the small fishing town of Illwaco, Wash. It was there and across the Columbia River in Astoria, Ore. that Dennis first started to sing and play. He had a radio show on community station KMUN and was exposed to a variety of music, and learned to think of himself as not the smartest bear in the woods, but not the dumbest either; if I can think of myself as a bear?. Dennis now lives in Olympia, Wash. where he breathes in the evening breeze of Olympia and blows out magical puffs of smoke from the streets of Illwaco. He calls these smoke-puffs songs and records them regularly for all to hear. Dozens of songs have been recorded and released on such labels as Knw-Yr-Own, Talent Show, This Heart Plays Records, Red Square and Tiny Pad.

The cover to Voices in the Fog was drawn by noted comic artist Dame Darcy (Meat Cake).

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp.

  1. Sarah Jane, part II
  2. I Know
  3. Telepathic Birdcalls
  4. Drive-In
  5. Fall in Love
  6. Waitress and Sailor
  7. Where Did We Go Wrong
  8. Neptune's Daughter
  9. Second Hand
  10. Sunday is Over
  11. You're Both Alone
  12. Stormy Weather
  13. I'm in Love With a Ghost
  14. Moon Patrol
  15. Little Old Me
  16. Roller-Coaster
  17. You Don't Know