The Smashing Times, Linda Smith Tour!

The Smashing Times, Linda Smith Tour!

 Above: Linda Smith joins The Smashing Times on stage in Baltimore, MD last year.


The Smashing Times originally self-released their music via cassette tape. A while back Thee Jasmine (Jaz) Monk of The Smashing Times was dropping off their initial cassette release at local Baltimore book emporium Normal's, when the proprietor pointed out some of the other local cassettes they had available, including some by Linda Smith.

"I was not aware of Linda Smith, neither was Alex; but Paul and Britta and Blake knew all that indie pop stuff. I thought she was just another Baltimore musician." When Britta came to Balt. (from her home in Calif.) for band rehearsal, Paul said, "Hey check it out you can get all these cassette tapes at Normal Books and Records!" The next thing anyone knew, Linda Smith posted something about The Smashing Times on her Insta accnt. The plot thickens.

   The Smashing Times knew they had to get in touch with this maven of the Balt Alt scene, and they did! It was BFF at first sight. Last summer they played a show together in Balt. Now The Smashing Times and Linda Smith are touring the East Coast, five shows in April:

Above: Linda Smith and The Smashing Times East Coast tour April, 2024.

Says Jaz, "Paul's going to play with her, they're coming over to rehearse in the basement." Will Linda Smith join The Smashing Times on stage? "I hadn’t thought of that, I should ask her. 'Hey Linda, let’s play Buddy Holly!' Though i don't really like Buddy Holly."

Above: The Smashing Times, This Sporting Life [PRNL051/KLP293] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.