The Smashing Times

This Sporting Life [PRNL051/KLP293] LP

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Tthe Smashing Times, This Sporting Life LP

 14 tracks 33RPM phonograph record, a co-release with Perennial Records


“I know where Dan Treacy Lives”
And so do you if you live in Baltimore
You may try to look them up neé Barrett, neé Clark
But just ask the Postman, they reside under the name
The Smashing Times.
Known poets about town, Filthy mother nature’s sons
Called out for Tea Cozies and old wrinkled clothes
But put on ‘oh so well’- with Jangle and Verve
“the night belongs to poets and madmen" 
Drinking cups of hot tea after a dance alone in the rain
A Tom Courtney Movie plays in the background.

Oh so surreal.



Featuring Thee Jasmine Monk and Zelda-Anais as well as scene stalwarts Britta Leijonflycht, Paul Krolian, Blake Douglas. Recorded by JAZ and Miles Waltuck,  the band in Baltimore, MD. Mixed by Miles Waltuck of Southern Oracle. Mastered by Amy Dragon.

When you call your band Smashing Times you can’t help instantly getting the flavour of the Television Personalties and Dan Treacy but on their second album, the band deliver that and so much more. This really is a fusion of psychedelic and freakbeat  that will make your heart skip and your head smile. The guitars shimmer, strum and jangle whilst the vocals float effortlessly on top of the efficient rhythm section. Every song is a bundle of energy with hooks that come both instantly and after multiple plays. Without doubt, if it had been recorded in the 80’s would have been released on Whaam or Dreamworld but luckily for you pop kids this 2023 and K have the honour of releasing it. - - - Sean Forbes

The Digital Version of this Album is Available via Bandcamp  



  1. Glorious Tales of Wes
  2. Tuesday, Coming Into Time
  3. This Sporting Life
  4. Let's Be Nice With Johnny
  5. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
  6. She Was Dancing Alone In The Rain
  7. Dream Of 1000 Cats
  8. Burgulary In Belvedere
  9. A Void About Town
  10. Whatever The Postman Says
  11. Petey
  12. Dandy
  13. Where is Rowan Morrison
  14. Peppermint Girl


THE SMASHING TIMES, "Glorious Tales Of Wes" video

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