Smashing Times are here again!

Smashing Times are here again!

Above: some Smashing Times plot their next drop-out at the be-in.


Glorious days and crash pad nights are the subject of the latest digi-single from Smashing Times - - - "Glorious Tales of Wes" - - - available world-wide today and every day from now on. It's a hit!

Strumbling along like a giant peach tumbling toward the seashore, "Glorious Tales of Wes" kitters and kabobs like your fave transistor radio shout and shimmy, with a dose of get a move on hurrah. It's just like a drive-in movie theme song blaring from 1000 car speakers at the A&W - - - ya know what I mean? "Glorious Tales of Wes" is worth a repeat listen for every occasion. Turn it up!

Above: the new single "Glorious Tales of Wes" by Smashing Times can be streamed and experienced HERE.


Smashing Times, a band that has it all - - - glistening hooks, matinée lagomorpha good looks, generous callback choruses, a scraggly sense of style, and hairdos that deduce. "Glorious Tales of Wes" is a preview of their autumn album This Sporting Life [PRNL051/KLP293] due November 3. It's a collection of similarly essential takes on pop euphoria, in that when one takes a listen one is taken aback and then must dive forward into a world of guitarmatic strange-a-pop. Smashing Times, This Sporting Life, a quick visit to jangle town that's worth many return trips.

But first, let's get to know "Glorious Tales of Wes", one of life's little pleasures. Where are all those finger snaps coming from? Oh, a café full of weird-outs listening to "Glorious tales of Wes", each in their own custom headphones world. Neat. Let's all join them.



Above: The upcoming Smashing Times album This Sporting Life [PRNL051/KLP293] can be pre-ordered now from The K Mail Order Dept. All pre-orders for This Sporting Life ship October 5.