Saturday Night and Sunday Morning!

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning!

Above: a tableau from The Smashing Times video "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning."


Smashing times are here again. The Smashing Times, who physically reside in Baltimore, Maryland but spiritually occupy a world of their own making, release a new single today "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning," an ode to the loves and lives lost to the ravishes of passion - - - it's a crashpop classic!

"Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" is a taste of an album The Smashing Times unveil early next month, This Sporting Life [PRNL051/KLP293]: pop music scarred by Rickenbacker; a mod lang syne to the old world and welcome in to a new year of teapot and scone rock.

"Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" is a feeling we've always known. This Sporting Life is the pop music we've all been waiting for.


Above: Fran of The Cannanes and Britta of The Smashing Times confer last weekend at the Paris Pop Festival, Paris, France.