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What a Flash Kick ! (Sloth Mate) LP

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San Francisco-area punky pop moppets derive great satisfaction from standing on their instruments. Members of Almond Joy are complicit.

"San Francisco Bay Area bon vivants with an impressive pedigree and playful meld of loopy Syd Barrett flights of fancy; sparse Young Marble Giants-styled quietness & minor-key New Zealand sub-underground dissonance..." Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine-

"Maybe it's me, but had to look twice to be sure this wasn't a Whaam! release from the 80's. Dead-on laconic psych-pop in the spirit of TVP's or Gifted Children, there are no wrong moves. The many caps of Dan Treacy are all doffed at once" Tom Lax, Siltbreeze-

Stanley Martinez- Vocals, Guitar, Viola, Saxophone, Bass, Harpsichord, Organ
Staizsh Rodrigues- Vocals, Tambourine, Xylophone, Organ, Harpsichord, Guitar
Britta Leijonflycht - Bass, Toy Phone, Wood Cutting Board, Organ

Recorded May 2020-June 2021
in Oakland and San Francisco, Ca
Mastered by NLBF In Glasgow, Scotland
Layout Assistance by Claire Astrow
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