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Unrequited Love Songs (Glass Modern) CD

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Unrequited Love Songs (Glass Modern) was written and recorded in the Fawns of Love studio using Moog Synthesizers and Eastwood Guitars. The CDEP includes revised versions of tracks that were first released on their debut album Who Cares About Tomorrow and 7” Falling/Standing in 2017, and a remix by Wor_kspace (member of BMX Bandits, Teenage Fanclub) and eight abstract remixes of “Silly Boy” by Love Is A Ghost. While writing the songs both Jenny and Joseph were inspired by Cocteau Twins, The Pastels, New Order, The Cure, Yukihiro Takahashi, and Dali’s Car.


1. Silly Boy (Glass Version)

2. Girls (Glass Version)

3. Miranda (Glass Version)

4. How We Live Now (Glass Version)

5. His Face (Glass Version)

6. Falling (Glass Version)

7. Miranda (wor_kspace version)

8. Boy Abstract 1 (Love Is A Ghost Remix)

9. Boy Abstract 2 (Love Is A Ghost Remix)

10. Boy Abstract 3 (Love Is A Ghost Remix)

11. Boy Abstract 4 (Love Is A Ghost Remix)

12. Boy Abstract 5 (Love Is A Ghost Remix)

13. Boy Abstract 6 (Love Is A Ghost Remix)

14. Boy Abstract 7 (Love Is A Ghost Remix)

15. Boy Abstract 8 (Love Is A Ghost Remix)