Eleanor Murray

Thunderling LP

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The Thunderling LP, released by Talking Helps Records, is a live in-studio version of 2010′s Oh Thunder CD (Bicycle Records). This record represents the gritty, raw elements of Eleanor Murray & Co’s live performances. You can hear a little bit of the sweat in the howls, as well as the tremor in the whispers. There are also a few new surprises tucked away for the avid listeners of Oh Thunder. The "Co." for Thunderling includes Pamela Margon on violin, Joshua James on bass, Pat Maley on drums, and additional performances by Peter Keller-Abdelnour on drums and Ben Kamen on electric guitar.  Thunderling was recorded by Peter Keller-Abdelnour.

  1. Come Alive
  2. The Whale
  3. Scream
  4. Trails of Star
  5. Hush (Smash!)
  6. February 17th
  7. Careful Broken
  8. Street to Ride
  9. When a Heart Becomes a Heart