The Real Distractions

Stupid [PRNL044/IPU148] 7" 45rpm EP

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The Real Distractions love rock'n'roll.

Their debut Stupid [IPU148PRNL044] EP is like an old shoe box of ORK 45rpm records you would sell your little cousin to get

made new and real by some secret séance of Bo Diddley beats, true touch guitar licks and forever teenage love croons

it's like they cut up a bunch of Bomp! and Kicks magazines,

stuck them back together and made a wish to turn to a real band

a true love's wish and it worked.

4 song 45RPM 7" phonograph record

The Real Distractions features Tobi Vail (Spider & the Webs, Morgan and the Organ Donors, Bikini Kill), Ricky Meyer (Rik and the Pigs), Peter David Connelly (The Mona Reels, Quayde LaHüe) and newcomer KT.

Stupid EP was recorded live on a 1/2" 4 track tape machine, mixed by Capt. Tripps Ballsington at High Command Studio in Olympia, WA.

This release continues the rich tradition of DIY bands crafting instant pop hits entirely on their own terms, long a hallmark of the International Pop Underground series.

The Real Distractions Stupid EP is a co-release with Perennial Records.

This is International Pop Underground Volume CXLVIII

The Real Distractions "Fosta/Sesta" video