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Montreal, Sackville, Toronto: the three Canadian cities that have served as home for Julie Doiron while her latest release, So Many Days, has been patiently composed over the past three years. In between moves, Doiron toured non-stop in support of 2009's I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, but also divided her time playing in Gord Downie's backing band The Country of Miracles and in the collaborative country project Daniel, Fred & Julie. Her thirteenth solo outing, So Many Days documents a life always on the move - with pins dropped across eastern Canada as home bases in between a frantic touring schedule, the energy of a life in constant transition evident in the urgent but poignant songwriting.

More good things come in three's for Doiron, as So Many Days also chronicles the completion of a trilogy of records produced by former Eric's Trip bandmate Rick White that began in 2007 with the critically acclaimed Woke Myself Up. The songs and albums that have already arrived from this collaboration are Canadian classics in their own right and So Many Days is no exception: the dreamy folk of I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day beautiful 'Tailor' parallels So Many Days' melodic opus 'By The Lake', the lo-fi, laid-back rock of Woke Myself Up's 'The Wrong Guy' finds a counterpart in 'Can't Make It No More' on So Many Days. Doiron and White seem to have a connection that can only come from a lifetime of friendship and performing: the results are almost telepathic and seem effortless in their perfection.

Three cities, three years, three albums: all come to a close on So Many Days, the latest installment in the discography of one of Canada's most acclaimed and persevering songwriters, never slowing down her musical output or her touring momentum. Twenty years on the road, one Juno award, countless songwriting, recording and live collaborations...you've said this before, and you might say it again: as usual, it feels like Julie Doiron is just getting started.