The Mona Reels

Record Dealin' Dick CD & CS

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The Mona Reels, downtown Olympia pop crusaders have a new EP!! Four exclusive tracks that will not be included on the upcoming double LP (which you know is gonna be swell).

Get a jump on the world and get down with the new music by The Mona Reels!

Cover art by Riley Kendig.


Robin Carmosino -- electric guitar
Rees Chamberlain--bass guitar
Peter David Connelly--vocals, piano
Ahnya Waldeck--drums, vocals

Recorded by Eros Faulk, Rose Nielsen, Robin Carmosino, and Peter David Connelly
1. Record Dealin' Dick
2. Don't Be Late for the Last Time
3. Thought Maybe I'd Place My Soul to the Devil (live)
4. Chorale

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