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I Am That Great and Fiery Force CD

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 An Olympia/Bellingham noise/hardcore collaboration. Band members include Jon Quittner, Joshua Plague, Jordan Rain, Michael Griffen.

"And lo behold, they are that great and fiery force indeed and doing a helluva job in seducing me alright. This is an old release (1996) but for anyone who is into upfront punk+hardcore, this is an absolute must in your collection.

These 22 tracks clocking under 20 mins have got me spastically dancing, waving my hands in the air, then shattering down to the floor and pulling my hair out. RAAARGH! Do you know what a seizure is? Good. There is not one track that I can single out here. They flow nicely one after another. [I have no clue what you're singing about] vocals, screamy guitars, some tracks I'm detecting saxophones and screeching violins. This is pure madness. I'm not bothering with lyrics this time".