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Local Shelter Divinations (Yard Sale for World Peace) CS

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The electricity continues to flow through the outlet of the picnic shelter among the trees, and so we continue weekly shelter communications. Breaths through wooden flutes, LFO pattern-wandering, inquiries to knobs and string vibrations, rock-on-log drums, the mysteries of communication abound. Ode to the magic of play and laughter. Offerings that words could not make to spirits inside and beyond us. Discourse moving slow depending on your sense of time. Love is wide and alive. The frogs are roaring too, it's just what they do. If you ask them about it, they will explain it to you. Will you listen if they tell you?


steve s.: morphed winds
anton: morphed electronix
d. harris: morphed strings
max: flutes + clarinet
trav bc: juno 6

recorded in spring 2022 at shelter #2, in a field behind shincke road, and at woodard bay
Local Shelter Communications, Local Shelter Divinations is a cassette-only release from Olympia label Yard Sale for World Peace.