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Get In (KLP223)

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Calvin Johnson took a train from Providence, RI, to Burlington, IA; naturally he stopped off in Chicago, IL for three days to check in with Mike, Dan, Josh, Hunter: Mahjongg. They had just begun working in their Mad Scientist Laboratory (aka MINBAL, masterstroke of one Benjamin Balcom). You know it was Dr. Jekyll who wore the crazy pants in the family, didn't you? Mr. Hyde just had an extremely uncouth case of morning hair. Mahjongg are the perfect combination of the two: wack like Jekyll, hair like Hyde. When Calvin says, "Let's Play Band!" all sorts of bleeps and bloops ensue. That is the origin of the new offering by The Hive Dwellers, featuring Mike, Dan, Josh and Hunter playing themselves, extremely.

Meanwhile, basement studios on the west coast can't resist getting in on the act. Paul Dickow runs the Community Library record label by day, remixes by night as Strategy in his Portland, OR. cave of delights. Wires and buttons come alive to the beat of a drum machine never tamed. He remixed the Blow song "The Love That I Crave" on their album Poor Aim: Love Songs [KLP167]. The Strategy remix of "Get In" brings The Hive Dwellers well into the 21st century. Finally.

Shawn Parke, an Olympia-based hip-hop producer who often teams up with fellow Beat-Master Blandow C. Together they take a swing at another Hive Dwellers song from the Chicago sessions, "Sitting Alone at the Movies", then just for fun he pops it up again on his own.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp.

  1. Get In
  2. Get In (Strategy Remix)
  3. Sitting Alone at the Movies (Shawn Parke and Blandow C. Remix)
  4. Sitting Alone at the Movies (Shawn Parke Remix)