Maher Shalal Hash Baz

C'est La Derniere Chanson [KLP210]

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The name Maher Shalal Hash Baz comes from The Book of Isaiah, meaning "plunder quickly". Tori Kudo, their conductor and band leader, fuses stray elements of pop, folk, jazz and experimental music into pieces of candid musical gestures. C'est La Derniere Chanson [KLP210] is compact and richly melodic; forgotten melodies played with a fragile trust.

C'est La Derniere Chanson is a double album of songs composed by Kudo between 2005-2007. For the recordings, Kudo assembled six musicians from Japan and bunkered down for six days in St. Pierre-Eglise, France to record and rehearse before playing an Atagatomuzi-K event in Cherbourg.

In addition to these mysterious band members Kudo also included a handful of local French musicians. The output from these sessions was one of the most prolific recordings done by Maher Shalal Hash Baz; more than 200 songs were recorded and 177 are presented on Chanson, Kudo's second release, the first being L'Autre Cap [KLP179], on K.

Bassoon, guitar, drums, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, glass percussion, organ, rocks and sticks are expanded by a sophisticated counter-repetition technique into an extensive tonal range of colors; the effect is at turns serene, dissonant, enchanting, crisp, spacious and maddeningly catchy. The future of music on Planet Earth. Listen closely, please.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp.

  1. Matsuyama Jazz
  2. The Rear of the Cape
  3. At Dusk
  4. Vegan
  5. Household Management
  6. Original Burnet
  7. Shofar Inevitable
  8. Set Things Straight
  9. A Stream Going Down Inside The Chest
  10. Congestion on the Way to the Fireworks Display
  11. Air Conditioned I
  12. Air Conditioned II
  13. Letter From Bill Wells
  14. Slipping Body Without Singing
  15. Flea Market
  16. Toward Daybreak
  17. Hight
  18. Failed Beginning
  19. Evil
  20. Red and White Plum Blossom
  21. Whitey Buckwheat Noodle
  22. Entrance Ceremony
  23. Letterature Di Waseda
  24. Hierarchy 10-6
  25. Memorial
  26. More Error
  27. Dancing On The Ball
  28. LAPD
  29. Bread of Distress, Water of Oppression
  30. A Constellation
  31. Tableau That Peels Off
  32. Homeless Vehicle
  33. A Bowl
  34. June 6
  35. Cold In The Hot
  36. Chaudelande I
  37. Chaudelande II
  38. Pslm36-9
  39. Had A Show At Mono
  40. Various Stages
  41. Dance With Cartilege
  42. Hyacinth Cavalry
  43. Grace Period
  44. Crape Myrtle
  45. Right Arm
  46. Bitter Cold
  47. Cartridge Family
  48. A Quitter
  49. Snared
  50. Malfocusing
  51. Hesitating In Beer Up In The Sky
  52. Do Not Swear By The Heavens
  53. Do Not Swear By The Earth
  54. Should Not Have Sworn
  55. Bonfire In The Morning
  56. Kakejiku
  57. Marshall in Shinjiku
  58. Human Body As A Ceramic Sensor II
  59. On The Deep Sea
  60. Blackout
  61. Work On Haily Day 
  62. Please Take Care
  63. Hook
  64. Kabira Bay
  65. Bonesetting Seitai Clinic
  66. Wildcat Pottery Association
  67. Mont Blanc
  68. Yushima
  69. Saul
  70. An End Burnt & Stuck
  71. An End Discolored 
  72. The Day Before of Black
  74. SNS Is Your Sad Daily Bread
  75. Vietnamese In The States
  76. Nakameguro
  77. C'est La Derniere Chanson
  78. A Mould