The Pine Hill Haints

To Win or To Lose [KLP208]

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A ragged collection of junk musicians and travelers, the Pine Hill Haints have journeyed to hold Midnight Opries across the basements of Babylon for over a decade. Here with To Win or To Lose [KLP208], their second long player onK, the topics move further into the forest shadows, with tales of modern America and the ghosts of its past.

Although Pine Hill Haints are great fans of soft pop music, and suburban American bedroom sleepover parties, the topics presented on To Win or To Lose instead reflect the new age of darkness that has recently hit the global mass market; the ancient idea of the Great Hunt, the hounds and the horn of impending doom; this record has fast songs about living and self-destruction, songs of natural disaster, public domain dance music, and tales of friends, brothers and sisters who walk the streets, sleep in the dumpsters or backseats of cars, or jump trains. A Valentine croon and a roaring train wreck. Recorded at the Black Owl Trading Co in Florence, Alabama, To Win or To Lose is the sound of the dead forever and the coming new age made by the children of this Great Hunt.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp.

  1. Intro
  2. Not So Lucky and the Invisible Kid
  3. Charley Horse
  4. Bordello Blackwidow
  5. Scar
  6. Halloween-time All the Time
  7. Never Cry
  8. Revenge of the Spider-web Boy
  9. Je Passe Devant ta Porte
  10. Never Gonna Die
  11. My Bones are Gonna Rise Again
  12. How Much Poison Does it Take
  13. The Ranger's Command
  14. Screaming Jenny
  15. Doublehead
  16. You Are My Thief