Arrington De Dionyso

I See Beyond The Black Sun (KLP200)

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Light passes through a prism and fractures to create a rainbow effect; the color spectrum breaks off from every angle. It appears as if the colors divide themselves, but in reality they bleed in together – overlapping and mingling. It is within this closely inspected area of bleeding and mingling that Arrington de Dionyso creates his latest solo work I See Beyond the Black Sun [KLP200].

De Dionyso explores tones in terms of specific individual sounds, much like each minute shift of color across the spectrum. Interchanging bass clarinet and throat-singing with homemade instruments used as vocal modifiers, I See Beyond the Black Sun is less the apocalyptic doom of his ramshackle post-punk group Old Time Relijun, but instead a raga influenced anthropological meditation. Locating the tones between tones and the overtones within overtones – seeing beyond the black sun.

I See Beyond the Black Sun pushes de Dionyso's previous solo album Breath of Fire [KLP176] (2006) from a charcoal sketchbook into a Technicolor landscape with more clarity, shape and definition. The album is structured with two immense bookends "AION" and "Pluto in Capricorn (I See Beyond the Black Sun)." "AION" creates arhythmic drone that specifies the rules for movements of the melodies on the album in a convergent up and down scale – continuing to climb the color spectrum ever so slowly. The gradient shift is deceptively hidden before exploding into color on the parenthetical title track. "Pluto in Capricorn (I See Beyond the Black Sun)" – featuring a guest appearance by Old Time Relijun drummer Germaine Baca – is the culminating cathartic conclusion, a propulsive mythical beast that combines all the previous pieces into a new separate entity where sparks begin to rise. It is the crossing over and the release.

"This music winds like an infinite snake around the vine of a central note, probing hypnotically as Mr. de Dionyso … inexhaustibly exhales mandalas, spirals, unknowable cuneiforms and other beguiling shapes, while simultaneously driving the pulse and drone to advance, like a slow motion tsunami, towards a shocking climax of release … Crucial listening for those who want music and sound that reaches back into the center of your head." Michael Gira (Angels of Light, Swans)

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp.

  1. All Is On!
  2. AION (Intuition and Science)
  3. Imagination Ensnared
  4. Into Gardens
  5. Ten Thousand Year Vision
  6. The Naked Future part one
  7. The Naked Future part two
  8. Pluto In Capricorn (I See Beyond the Black Sun)
  9. Les Grenouilles de Cherbourg