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Nature's Got Away [KLP192]

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Did Nature leave? No. Nature got loose. And now that these songs have clearly gone into the world -- are they left to run around naked? Yes. Nature's Got Away made it to tape fresh off of a tour in Spring 2007 where Karl Blau traveled to Japan and performed with some of his biggest musical influences: namely Tori Kudo (Maher Shalal Hash Baz), Reiko Kudo, Nikaido Kazumi, the Moools, Tennis Coats, and Arrington de Dionyso.

Written on the road and recorded at "home" at the beloved Dub Narcotic Studio by Karl Blau accompanied mainly by: Olympians: Peter Dolan (Chin-Up Merryweather), and members of LAKE (Lindsay Shief, Eli Moore, Mark Morrison, Micah Davis-Wheeler, Andrew Dorsett, and Ashley Eriksson), with also Portland folks Nate Ashley and Greg Olin (Graves); and Seattle's Steve Moore (Earth, Sunn0)))))).

Esoteric Blau says regarding this Nature's Got Away release: "Invoking the fates and listening deeply into the forces present-- the room, the instruments, the players, listening to the microphones, listening to the wood grain-- the director of a musical piece may find that the less heavy handed one can be, the more one can approach hands free and even getting out of the way of a 'happening.' And if you use your hands to guide you in the forest on a clouded night you will not forget this experience."

If it appeared that Blau bowed out of music biz after his making of Beneath Waves (KLP174) (his previous K release) nothing could be further from truth. In June, K sent a shot across the bow of listenership with the release of the heavy hitting International Pop Underground single "That's How I Got To Memphis" (IPU118) sung by Blau and produced by Tucker Martine (Mount Analog, the Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens).

Since the release of acclaimed Beneath Waves, Blau put out 15 albums to subscribing fans of Kelp Lunacy-- his subscriber supported audio zine, recorded and toured with Nonesuch artist Laura Veirs (for the albums Year of Meteors and Saltbreakers), recorded and released D+'s No Mystery, and What Is Doubt For with cohorts Bret Lunsford (Beat Happening, Knw-Yr-Own) and Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie, The MicrophonesKnw-Yr-Own) as well as 3 albums with Your Heart Breaks.

  1. Moved On From Dreams
  2. Make Love That Lasts
  3. Before Telling Dragons
  4. Nothing In The Way
  5. Carry and Rob
  6. Ghostly Appearance
  7. Mockingbird Diet
  8. Of Your Feet, Of Your Place
  9. Stream Of Ganders
  10. That's The Breaks
  11. 2 Becomes 1
  12. It's The Stars