Calvin Johnson and The Sons of the Soil

Calvin Johnson & The Sons Of The Soil [KLP180]

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In 2003, K recording artists Khaela Maricich (the Blow) and Jason Anderson (Wolf Colonel) had a vision: "What if Calvin Johnson played all his best songs from over the years, with a band of real music-making people?" This was their vision, and they decided to make it happen.

Jason formed a band of other K music stalwarts that included Kyle Field (Little Wings) on bass with Adam Forkner (Yume Bitsu, [[[[VVRSSNN]]]], White Rainbow) and Jason sharing the guitar and drum playing duties. Dubbed by Jason "the Sons of the Soil", they set out to modernize the primitive. Khaela designed a graphic image that perfectly captured the Sons of the Soil's transcendental vibe. A tour was arranged that crossed paths with other fine Olympia types, including Rebecca Pearcy and Mirah. Songs were chosen that spanned the years and various combos, including songs originally recorded by Halo Benders ("Love Travels Faster"), Dub Narcotic Sound System ("Booty Run") and the Go Team ("Sand"). Rehearsals commenced, and then it was off across the Western United States for a rollicking, rockin' good time. 

This album was recorded at the Dub Narcotic Studio in July, 2003, immediately following their return to Olympia, Wash. It features a good cross section of the material from the tour and includes a few live snippets from the Sons of the Soil performance in Spokane, Wash.


  1. Lies Goodbye
  2. Booty Run
  3. Cattle Call Pt. 1
  4. Tummy Hop
  5. Love Travels Faster
  6. Banana Meltdown
  7. Can We Kiss
  8. Sand
  9. Move Around
  10. Cattle Call Pt. 2
  11. What Was Me