The Blow

The Concussive Caress, Or, Casey Caught Her Mom Singing Along With The Vacuum [KLP153]

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Khaela Maricich is The Blow, also known to some as Get the Hell out of the Way of the Volcano, also a member of the Dub Narcotic studio gang. She makes many arts in the various tents, forts and caves she has built there. Her previous album was the Bonus Album (KLP143), also recorded in a cave; it made a simple case for living. Now we have the more complex examination of the human condition post-American century style. Yes, The Concussive Caress is an affirmation, but only after trial by fire. A bold move was made, evolutionarily, out of the cave and over to the Dub Narcotic 16 track tape deck, where Khaela recorded this entire album, producing it herself, with guest appearances by a few friends: Susan Ploetz, Anna Oxygen, Mirah, Nora Danielson, Jason Anderson and Jenn Kliese. There is a narrative hidden in the string of songs that comprise The Concussive Caress. It is the stories of various people, the songs these characters sing to themselves that usually don't make it out of their heads. Like secret mantras, these are adult versions of children's rhymes adapted for more complicated situations, songs people want to sing for their loved ones, but probably never will.

Khaela's performances are illustrations of these various narratives. The Blow toured the country performing the solo opera Blue Sky v. Night Sky, the source for several songs on this album; other songs on The Concussive Caress are voices of characters that may surface in future narrative performances

  1. How Naked Are We Going To Get?
  2. Chase Dream
  3. Untitled
  4. A Night Full Of Open Eyes
  5. Sweetheart
  6. Sweetheart
  7. What Tom Said About Girls
  8. Nothing
  9. Come On Pauline (Amy's Cassette For Pauline)
  10. What The Guitar Said About The Firmament
  11. Where I Love You
  12. What Amy Heard In Her Mothers Voice Played Backwards
  13. Gravity
  14. Gravity
  15. The Warriors' Hearts