Yume Bitsu

The Golden Vessyl of Sound (KLP137)

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An official announcement from Yume Bitsu: "There are no song titles for this record. Each composition was created as improvised or barely structured music throughout their development as recordings and it feels wrong and contrived to think of words to fit them now. We have chosen to let them stand nude as sonic experiences without, and beyond, the boundaries of the written word. We suggest that you address the songs as you would if you never knew the title. The first song, therefore would be 'Song One', the second 'Song Two' and so on."

Sonically, Yume Bitsu has always been a hard band to pin down. Traversing across celestial landscapes imbued with drifting, lilting sheets of ambient guitars, keyboard driven astral landscapes, in-your-face wall of fuzz and occasional harmonious soaring voice, Yume Bitsu effortlessly shift from one end of the psychedelic musical spectrum to the other, with surprisingly successful effect. Yume Bitsu's process of creation, as it has developed over the last 7 years, is as intriguing as the music it creates. They claim that they play forth from "the vessyl" a channel of energy whose output is greater than that of the individual members combined. Accordingly, their approach to creating sound has been more uniform than their output ever has. Nowhere in their ever-growing catalog is that more apparent than on their remarkable fourth full length, The Golden Vessyl of Sound.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp.

  1. Song One
  2. Song Two
  3. Song Three
  4. Song Four
  5. Song Five
  6. Song Six
  7. Song Seven
  8. Song Eight
  9. Song Nine