Advisory Committee [KLP135]

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Advisory Committee was produced by Mirah on her own and with Phil Elvrum (the Microphones, Mount Eerie) at Dub Narcotic Studio. This time around they have pushed themselves far beyond what even they thought capable to create a truly stunning, innovative and expressive piece of work that reverberates softly through the soul of all who hear it.

Mirah's first album, You Think Its Like This but Really Its Like This (KLP112) caught a lot of people off guard. Her power lies in steeping the feelings that motivate her, simmering and condensing them, encased in herself. She then creates a tender space where the listener can really be touched by this potency she sends out as a deliciously seductive, complexly sculpted lullabye, honest and true.

The fourteen songs which construct Advisory Committee swell with detail, orchestration and variance. From the first song (also released as a single, (IPU100), it is evident that Advisory Committee is not your average songstress' solo affair. "Cold Cold Water" is charged and lushly layered, with an arrangement that utilizes a string section, tympani, galloping percussive highlights, pump organ, haunting chamber vocals and of course Mirah's inimitable soaring voice. "Cold Cold Water" is of cinematic proportions, as vivid and intricate as any classic movie theme song ever penned. What follows is as epic if not as grandiose. Mirah unveils each song drawing from a varied palette of instrumentation and arrangement. On top of it all are Mirah's vocals, blanketing her songs with a soft, smoldering glow.

  1. Cold Cold Water
  2. After You Left
  3. Make It Hot
  4. Mt. St. Helens
  5. Recommendation
  6. Body Below
  7. The Sun
  8. Advisory Committee
  9. Special Death
  10. The Garden
  11. Light the Match
  12. Apples in the Trees
  13. Monument
  14. Untitled