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Non-Fiction (KLP122)

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Non-Fiction comes from the Black Anger / Bedroom Produksionz crew that brought you S.E.L.F.b/w I KNOW WAYS [KLP091], the record which Justin Tyme said was “The most slept on record of 1998”. Now in the year 2K, you better wake up. DJ Sayeed (producer, engineer, and deejay) and Kindu (emcee, co-producer and head of DU4SELF Records) have set full steam ahead to bring you the next head knocker…

“NON-FICTION ( a-side) is an energetic, innovative, poetical work of sheer mastery. Nothing local, mediocre or so-so about this joint. Without a doubt this song is an undisputed hit. "Non-Fiction" should easily find heavy rotation in all factions of hip hop music: underground and commercial mixtapes, clubs, college [underground] radio shows, and the late night mix show on your cooperate owned commercial radio stations.

“TEMPLE NO. 8 ( b-side) The title may suggest this joint may be based on some hip hop spirituality, with a twist of Nation of Islam teachings. Think so? Well think again. “Temple No. 8 gives you the same style of low-end kicks and chopped guitar sample that DJ Sayeed phased us with on "S.E.L.F.", except on this one the lyrics aren't as conscious but more on the freestyle- battling-with-intellect mode, showcasing that Kindu can take out the sucker mc as well as provoke him to think.

  1. Non-Fiction (Street Version)
  2. Non-Fiction (Radio Edit)
  3. Non-Fiction (Instrumental)
  4. Temple No. 8 (Street Version)
  5. Temple No. 8 (Radio Edit)
  6. Temple No. 8 (Instrumental)