Beat Happening

Music to Climb the Apple Tree By [KLP109]

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This album compiles Beat Happening songs recorded between 1984 and 2000, including material long out of print on 45s and compilations, including the original version of "Nancy Sin". The last four songs are from the Beat Happening / Screaming Trees collaboration EP.

Music to Climb Apple Trees By was originally included in the seven CD box set Crashing Through (KLP115). Now it is being made available individually for the first time.

Since their inception in 1983, Beat Happening (the legendary underground pop rockin' combo from Olympia, Washington) have been the inhabitants of an imperfect world, stripped down and codified. Beat Happening is Bret Lunsford (D+), Heather Lewis and Calvin Johnson. Originators of the one guitar and drum corps, they are the main proponents of the unembellished Do-It-Yourself movement. Beat Happening's influence on the world of minimal music, punk and pure pop has been massive. Rarely has a band fostered and festered such extremities of love/hate reactions, by walking precariously along the line of punk and pop.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp

  1. Angel Gone
  2. Nancy Sin (45 Version)
  3. Sea Hunt
  4. Look Around (45 Version)
  5. Not a Care in the World
  6. Dreamy
  7. That Girl
  8. Secret Picnic Spot
  9. Zombie Limbo Time
  10. Foggy Eyes (Two Track Version)
  11. Knock On Any Door
  12. Sea Babies
  13. Tales of a Brave Aphrodite
  14. Polly Pereguinn
  15. I Dig You