The Crabs

Sand and Sea [KLP095]

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The most succulent pop stars of the Northwest, rumored to have inspired several characters in Twin Peaks. These kids seem wholesome enough, but wet bathing suits under their jeans and Pendleton daycoats speak of Northwest adventures untold. New member Sarah Dougher joins Jonn and Lisa with her farfisa organ. The Crabs provide the hinge to where the '60s meet the '00s, a familiar clamor meshing with modern insights. And when was the last time a rock'n'pop combo made you dance? The Crabs are gonna move you.

Cover art is a paper cut by Olympia artist (and Crabs fan) Nikki McClure.


  1. Tumbling Away
  2. Market Size
  3. Ladies' Choice Reprise
  4. Bricks of Gold
  5. Sand and Sea
  6. End of the World
  7. Snow in Summertime
  8. The Bends
  9. Classic Crabs
  10. I Surrender