Shake the Pounce [KLP087]

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Hailing from the north, Vancouver, B.C., where most music is made in the garage, Gaze are more attic-style, souvenirs and memories held up to a different light. Here's a whole new album's worth fourteen songs of the kinda sadness/gladness Gaze set to motion. Miko Hoffman, Megan Mallett, and Rose Melberg bend deep powder borne songs into harmony and humming form.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp

  1. So Early To Tell
  2. The Snake Song
  3. From the Inside
  4. Detail Queen
  5. Tea or Coffee
  6. Mr. Oh So Suave & Debonaire
  7. Nine Lives to Rigel Five
  8. He Makes All the Girls Smile (With His Smile)
  9. Sunday Night Waterworks
  10. Noticed Me
  11. A New Home
  12. Static
  13. I Wonder
  14. In the Midst