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The folk-based roll call of junior sts, Dusty Sarah Dougher and Kissy Corin Tucker roam the tender side of tough as Cadallaca. An electric guitar, farfisa organ and set of traps are the background hum for this first full album of Cadallaca songs. They voice a raw-throated while pulling no punches in telling it like it is, evoking visions of St. Joan on a motorbike, teardrops and drumsticks, high gear elegance, Venus on the half shell.

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Cadallaca tour shirt (c.1998)


  1. Your One Wish
  2. June -N- July
  3. You're My Only One
  4. Pocket Games
  5. Night Vandals
  6. Two Beers Later
  7. O Chenilla
  8. Cadallaca Theme
  9. Fire Trap
  10. Winter Storm '98