Cha Cha Cabaret

Chez Vous [KLP066]

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Viva la Baker and radical Divas everywhere. Chez Vous is a compilation drawn from The Cha Cha Cabaret - a show, darling, a traveling Hootenanny and Chataqua, rolled into one. It toured the west coast for a few seasons, organized and hosted by the inimitable Miss Lady Hand Grenade, and then documented itself on this disc. Featured are acts and objects extravagant but familiar, made with those things closest at hand, all recorded by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio.

Chez Vous includes the first recordings on K by the artists Mirah (Cocozelle), Old Time Relijun, Sarah Dougher, Miranda July and Nikki McClure.

Drawing heavily on the imagery of Josephine Baker and the attitudes of Nina Simone, starring lady glitterati and tap dancing dandies these restless marauders are the original troubadours, charting the terrain in their flights of fancy. Included on this bountiful collection are the work of Simplement Jacques (aka Dale Shaw of Blood Sausage and the Lies), the Skirts, Old Time Relijun, the Lookers (featuring Sarah Dougher), Panties, Nikki McClure, Cocozelle (aka Mirah), Miranda July, Flying Tigers (featuring Star Athena), and, our hostess, Miss Lady Hand Grenade (Jen Smith).

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp

  1. Simplement Jacques - "Hello, My Friends"
  2. Simplement Jacques with the Skirts and Old Time Relijun - "Miss Lady Hand Grenade Anthem"
  3. Miss Lady Hand Grenade - "Introduction to the Lookers" 
  4. The Lookers  - "Leaving Texas"
  5. Vicki Lewis and Melissa Klein - "Eatin' Words"
  6. Miss Lady Hand Grenade with Old Time Relijun  - "Introduction to 66% Chick"
  7. 66% Chick - "Cowboys from Outer Space"
  8. Hallie Ruth - "Surrender"
  9. The Skirts  - "Money Penny"
  10. Bryce Panic - "Stomping at the Savoy"
  11. Miss Lady Hand Grenade with the Skirts - "Chansons d'Amour"
  12. Old Time Relijun - "Fashion Show Walk"
  13. Panties - "All About You"
  14. Nikki McClure - "Something Going Wrong Here"
  15. Miss Lady Hand Grenade - "Introduction to Godzilla"
  16. Godzilla with Cybelle and Ben - "Chicken in a Can"
  17. Cocozelle - "Lucky Little Shark"
  18. Miranda July - "Diagnostic"
  19. Miss Lady Hand Grenade - "Introduction to Flying Tigers"
  20. Flying Tigers - "Starts with Laughter"
  21. Agnes and Hattie's Eastside Witches Revival - "Afternoon at the Abandoned Mine"
  22. Old Time Relijun - "Cha Cha!"
  23. Simplement Jacques with old Time Relijun - "Queen Medley"
  24. Miss Lady Hand Grenade with Cast - "Bye Bye"