Fitz of Depression

Swing [KLP041]

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Relentless Fitz: a band that captures so much of Olympia and Tumwater, with a touch of Aberdeen and assorted trace metals. Fry your influences like your mind on a TV commercial and some mutated form emerges that sounds good on paper, better on record and great at a party. This album is classic plastic: "I Can't", "Form a Line", "New Disgrace". This was their second album for K, recorded by Jack Endino at Moon Music in downtown Olympia.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp

  1. We Three
  2. My Good Name
  3. Form A Line
  4. No Movie Tonight
  5. Time To Leave
  6. Connect The Dot
  7. She Wants To Know
  8. Mind Over Matter
  9. House Or Home
  10. I Can't
  11. New Disgrace
  12. Shimmy