Some Velvet Sidewalk

Whirlpool [KLP024]

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Whirlpool is the fourth full-length Some Velvet Sidewalk album. It features Alan Larsen (guitar & vocals) singing and playing his heart inside out, as well as Don Blair (drums) and Martin Bernier (electric bass guitar). This is a totally cathartic tidal wave of frantic music noise luv punk mayhem. Even in their most sensitive moments Some Velvet Sidewalk peel paint off the walls.

Robin Boomer plays cello on "Oscar Says". Jeff McGraph plays trumpet. Steve Fisk plays organ on "Big City Plans".

Produced by Steve Fisk and engineered by Stuart Hallerman at Avast!, except "Shame" recorded by Patrick Maley at the Capitol Theater.

  1. Whirlpool
  2. Mouse & Rat
  3. Oscar Says
  4. One Bear Alone
  5. Big City Plans
  6. How Will I--?
  7. I Blame You
  8. Shame
  9. Geological
  10. Kicking:Giant