Tiger Trap

Tiger Trap [KCD017]

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Perfect for an afternoon of lollygagging, Tiger Trap's self-titled debut will sweep you off your feet and into its up-beat, fuzzy dreams. Born in Sacramento, raised in the pop-rock heyday and laid to rest much too soon, this all-girl troupe will accompany your cloud-watching for the rest of the day.

Tiger Trap is Angie LoyRose Melberg (The Softies), Jenn Braun, and Heather Dunn (Dub Narcotic Sound System).


  1. Puzzle Pieces
  2. You're Sleeping
  3. Eight Wheels
  4. Super Crush
  5. Tore A Hole
  6. Words and Smiles
  7. For Sure
  8. You and Me
  9. Supreme Nothing
  10. Chester
  11. My Broken Heart
  12. Prettiest Boy