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K LP Grab Bag!

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The K warehouse is filled to the rafters with K releases of the physical variety: compact discs, cassette tapes, digital video discs and phonograph records! In order to free up some space we are offering up a grab bag of ten random K albums (long-playing phonograph records) for the ridiculously low price of $30.00. Jesus H. Spanglepants! This is what's commonly referred to on the world-wide web as a "deal". Deal of the Century, people.

Artists who may be included in the K LP Grab Bag are Mirah, Mahjongg, Treepeople, Jeremy Jay, Black Anger, Lois, Mecca Normal, Woelv, Fitz of Depression, Electric Sunset, IQU with Miranda July, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Marine Research. Hottness, Incorporated.

Each K LP Grab Bag has been assembled by Calvin Johnson. The contents are random.

Please note: Due to the nature of this sale, we cannot accommodate special requests.

Attention U.S.A. Customers: If you don't see the low-cost shipping option of USPS Media Mail while checking out, try purchasing this item solo.