Desolation Wilderness

No Tomorrow (IPU123)

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These two Desolation Wilderness songs are a bridge between their debut album White Light Strobing [KLP198] to their follow-up New Universe [KLP204].

"No Tomorrow" is a tribute to summer days well spent, living in the moment, never growing old. Desolation Wilderness (as masterminded by Nic Zwart) sees the horizon, and on this rocket they head straight for it. Never mind that it disappears as they get closer, always out of reach – what matters is the pursuit; there is joy in knowing that it won't ever be still.

"Pacific Palisades" is a slow burner – the soundtrack of a California beach under a long dusk. Some sadness there, maybe, but it maintains the knowledge that the sun will rise again. You get in your car, head south on the Pacific Coast Highway, the lights of Malibu up ahead. Everything feels immense, it's like the summer night air has been made solid, and it emits the hum of "Pacific Palisades."

Nic Zwart also records as Electric Sunset, who has an album on KElectric Sunset [KLKP221].

This is Vol. CXXIII in K's International Pop Underground Series, recorded by the band at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia Washington: tubes glowing, tape echoing, guitars chiming. Let the sun shine.

  1. No Tomorrow
  2. Pacific Palisades