The Vibrarians

Red Light [IPU122] 7" 45rpm

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The Vibrarians was a trio from Olympia, Washington. More than underground, the Vibrarians belong in a tunnel, a cement basement or any confined space that will bounce the Nuggets-style bass and hushed oh's and yeah's around. Cloaked in reverb and radiant fuzz, "Red Light" comes on like a sleepy runaway truck of bricks that hits the rumble strips. A total corker. The B-side traffics melody and noisy pop into the lopsided "Modern Walker," and the more sinister "Woods." Tunnel vision obscured by refrigerator hum. The single was recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio by Calvin Johnson in the summer of 2008. Following this recording session, the Vibrarians left on a month long European tour with shows in Sweden, Norway and Ladyfest Berlin, and released an EP on Ick Ick Records.

This is Vol. CXXII in K's International Pop Underground Series.

  1. "Red Light"
  2. "Modern Walker"
  3. "The Woods"