Desolation Wilderness

Until Forever (IPU119)

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Desolation Wilderness is the primary musical project of Nicolaas Zwart. Started in 2005, it is his musical realization of themes inspired by american literature, film, and music: transcendentalism, hope, longing, movement. If you had to map it, it would be somewhere between A Coney Island of the Mind by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Rabbit, Run by John Updike. 

"Until Forever" was written, played, and recorded by Nic in Summer of 2007, at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Washington; during the late night sessions for his self-released full-length album Hey Someone. Nic played almost all the instruments including the vibraphone, clarinet, glockenspiel, guitar, computer, and synthesizer.On "4/4 Love Song" he enlisted his friends Andrew Dorsett (LAKE) and Adam Oelsner (LAKE, Kickball) to play Hammond Organ and Accordion, respectively.

Nic Zwart also records as Electric Sunset, whose debut album Electric Sunset [KLP221] is also available on K.

This is Vol.CXIX in K's International Pop Underground Series.

  1. Goodbye Summer Girl
  2. Gloria
  3. 4/4 Love Song