Hornet Leg

Blood Trilogy (IPU116)

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Hornet Leg, the new Northwest fuzz harbingers in tune with the “heavy”, identify the primal symbolisms of blood as fear, death and paradoxically, life. The Blood Trilogy [IPU116], condenses the full length concept album into three potent tracks of pure unsentimental, raw energy. Expertly engineered by Calvin Johnson at the Dub Narcotic Studios, these recordings are an immediate grab to the throat but leave a haunting grip to the ear…

Chapter 1: "Bleed The Blood", a groovy mid tempo churn, represents the immediate loss of spirit that occurs when love is lost and never regained. To bleed the spirit is to bleed the blood and thus the spirit is bled. 

Chapter 2: "Covered In Blood", has the pounding scream and scrape when one is exposed to the blunt force of brutality. Anger and fear become intertwined and fused into the "bad" parts of the subconscious and the ensuing detriment can make vibrations that sound very similar to the distorted electric guitar. 

Chapter 3: "Bloody Hands", is a requiem for the (un)dearly departed sung in the style of a ghostly lullaby. A melodic question is posed - Is consciousness tethered to the physicality of blood?

The arterial guitar and voice of Chris Sutton (Dub Narcotic Sound System, C.O.C.O.) is the jugular vein carrying the sound of this group’s unique garage punk. The heart pumping rhythm is the bash and thrash of one Claudia Meza (Japanther, Thunder Thunder Thunder). Joel Brazzel (K darling), a full-fledged ghost member, contributes shaker and tambourine work in the session that produces just the right amount of evil. These kids need to be seen live in the flesh. Their dynamic performances have been extolled as "revivals" leaving many an audience member with the familiar taste of copper lingering on their tongue.

  1. Bleed the Blood
  2. Covered in Blood
  3. Bloody Hands


"… the duo is grounded in nomadic tendencies: It shifts and changes as it draws from a number of places, including New York, L.A. and Olympia….The result takes forms in blazingly prophetic soul, erratic punk and garagey drone—a multitude of genres straddled with grace and dynamism." —The Willamette Week

"Think the Gories meets Spacemen 3, and you are only beginning the journey to the center of this Nigerian Triple Daisy’s tripped out gourd. And if ya start zoning, Claudia Meza pounds on the drums to snap ya back into place. Amen!” —L.A.RECORD