Cold Cold Water [IPU100]

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Culled from the Mirah album Advisory Committee [KLP135], "Cold, Cold Water" is the magnificently orchestrated epic that includes chorus, strings, timpani and all, produced with the help of Phil Elvrum (Microphones, Mount Eerie). There are several non-album songs added, recorded starkly with just acoustic guitar and Mirah's enchanting voice, including a stripped-down version of "Cold, Cold Water". There are also bonus bits and pieces of the orchestration of the title track. 

Cover painting by Khaela Marricich (The Blow).

This is Vol. C in K's International Pop Underground Series.

  1. Cold, Cold Water
  2. Apples in the Trees (Acoustic)
  3. Make It Hot (Acoustic)
  4. Cold, Cold Water (Acoustic)
  5. Cold, Cold Water (Excerpts)