Blood Sausage

Denis Levant [IPU043]

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Pop psychosis v. the garage disease. Dale Shaw moved to Olympia in the summer of 1993 from London, England. He re-constituted his on-going punk combo, a cultural editorial dept. masquerading as a band, Blood Sausage, utilizing local talent and the occasional Brit straggler wandering through town. This three song EP ("Denis Levant", "Feeder", "Living in a Haunted House") was recorded near summer's end at the newly formed Dub Narcotic Studio located in the basement of Calvin Johnson's house.

A few months later Dale married a local denizen of Olympia. The wedding reception was held upstairs in the living room of said Johnson residence, everyone dressed nicely, the bride wore black. Dale's parents came over from England for the ceremony, good-natured folks.

This is Vol. XLII in K's International Pop Underground Series.

  1. Denis Levant
  2. Feeder
  3. Living in a Haunted House