GRRRizzly (Green Monkey) CD

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Olympia, WA’s own Grrrizzly has released their brand-new debut album featuring 17 explosively heavy punk rock songs! From their first driving, hard-hitting single, "Overlooked,” to their electric, doom-laden banger “Acid Rain," which has been described as "Sabbath meets Riot Grrrl," Grrrizzly proves that they’re not f****ing around. This is one dirty duo you need to hear!

Grrrizzly is a ferocious all-girl duo featuring Lisa Koenig on guitar/vocals and Liz Franklin on drums/vocals. Lisa, whose other bands include Calamity Jane and Creep, and Liz of The Mesmerizers and Tea in the Harbor have joined forces and are making a wall of noise that will smack you in the face, chew you up, and spit you out. Lisa's raw, grunge-spirited singing and roaring punk rock guitar, mixed with Liz's smooth, brassy vocals and thunderous drum fills, create a filthy rock n’ roll tornado that blends together effortlessly.

Side effects of this album may include screaming, crying, throwing up, dancing violently, shaving your head, wearing all black, piercing every cavity on your body, getting immoral tattoos, telling your parents (or your kids) “it’s not a phase,” having a sudden urge to see Grrrizzly play live, and begging for more!